Rabbit & Guinea Pig Boarding

Clean hutches for rabbit boardingSometimes it’s hard to find someone to look after your rabbits or guinea pigs when you’re away. As an alternative to the pet feeding service, why not board your pets in our purpose-built rabbit hutches based in Clifton Moor, York?

Every pet will get a chance to stretch their legs away from the hutch during the day in the run area, but only animals from the same house may go out at the same time. We will feed them, change their water and clean out their hutches on a daily basis. We can also administer medicine if required.

We will provide straw, wood shavings, hay, water and fruit and vegetables. However due to the nature and sensitivity of rabbits and guinea pigs we do ask that you provide their food. This way you can be rest assured that your pet is in safe hands and will be checked over regularly.

At the end of every stay the hutches are thoroughly disinfected, ready for our new boarders.

Rabbit sitting next to a red flower

This is my flower. This flower is mine. No-one shall eat this flower. Except me.

Please note that all boarding rabbits must be up to date with the vaccinations for myxomatosis, RVHD 1 and RVHD 2. We ask that vaccination certificates are brought with the rabbits, or are emailed in advance.