Pop-in Services

Elderly dogs and young puppies may not want to go out for a long walk during the day, but will need a spot of love and attention whilst you are at work. This is where our pop-in service could be helpful.

We’ll come to your house in York, let the dog out for a little while to ‘stretch their legs’ and if suitable play with them too. We can then feed them, provide new water and loads of cuddles and fuss. The visit will last for a minimum of twenty minutes. We’ll also check for any ‘accidents’ so that you can return to a clean house.

This is also a suitable service for kittens, as kittens need to be fed regularly and played with so that their mischievous paws don’t get them into any trouble! The only difference is that we won’t let the kittens outside; instead we’ll obviously empty their litter trays.

Kitten sitting upright on bed next to stuffed toyIt can’t have been me. I’m adorable. It was probably this guy.