Dog Walking

Two dogs on leads ready for a walkAll dogs need to have access to regular exercise, and we aim to provide this while walking around the many lovely places surrounding the city of York. Dogs can be walked on a regular basis, or on a more infrequent one, depending on what is required. The maximum number of dogs that will be walked at once is four; however dogs can have solo walks if needed.

All of the dogs will be on a lead, and they will be walked no matter what the weather (Obviously in extreme weather when this may not be suitable a visit will still take place and your dog will have the opportunity to go outside for a short length of time).

All walks will last a minimum of an hour (Not including the time taken to get to the location) unless a 30 minute walk is requested. On return, dirty paws will be cleaned, and the dogs will be left with food and water depending on your wishes.

The animals will be transported in our fully air-conditioned van. It has three cages that will be cleaned after every use and fresh water will be available.

Excited Collie dog with ears prickedWalkies?!